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Home Acne Remedies That Work Like Magic

Home Acne Remedies That Work Like Magic

Acne treatment is not necessarily something which can only be done by stepping out of the comfort zone of our homes. Instead, even while remaining cozy at home, acne can easily be treated. With that thought in mind, this article will showcase some simple yet powerful home acne remedies that truly work like magic.


The humble tomato – invariably present in all our homes, is in fact a powerful and highly potent anti-acne agent. This is largely due to the acidic content of tomatoes which works very well against acne.

This fact has been proven on many occasions whereby a tomato, when sliced into two halves and then applied on acne prone skin, prevents oil accumulation, which in turn proves to be a powerful means of preventing acne.


Honey is another natural ingredient, present in most modern-day homes, which works very well towards preventing acne.

The major advantage with honey is its natural stickiness whereby once it is applied on to the skin, it lifts up dirt or grime stuck on those acne prone areas. Over a prolonged period, regular application of honey ensures that there is no dirt accumulation in the first place.

Moreover, honey is very well-known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties. Therefore regular application of honey to troublesome skin ensures that it remains bacteria free, whereby acne prevention becomes a lot easier.

A final point of note about honey application is that the process is neither cumbersome nor time-consuming. A total of 15 minutes for which honey is applied onto acne prone areas is usually more than enough. After that, the area can simply be washed off with plain water, for a smooth and blemish free look and feel.


Mint is yet another home acne remedy that works very well when it comes to treating acne as well as preventing it from occurring in the very first place.

With mint, a key advantage is its ability to work as a completely natural analgesic. Additionally, it also possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties which again work very well when it comes to preventing acne from occurring in the first place.

Mint can easily be applied by crushing its leaves and then applying the ensuing paste to acne prone areas. Within no time, you will see the difference with acne now relegated to nothing more than a mere relic of the past!


So as you can easily see for yourself, there are simple yet powerful home acne remedies available to all of us, as long as we are willing to place faith in these methods and give them the necessary time required for the healing process to actually take shape.

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